The Age of Acceptance: What it's Like to be Thirteen

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Thirteen is the age of confusion. "When you're thirteen, you are seesawing between times when you think everyone is treating you like a little kid and times when you just want to wear fuzzy pajamas and watch Disney movies," said Sonja, age thirteen. "It is a time when it can feel like everyone is waiting for you to make a mistake, because there is so much pressure from all sides--your friends, your parents, your coaches and teachers. It is a tough age but it is also an exciting age." Thirteen is the age when you start exploring who you are and what you want to become. Most thirteen-year-olds are now discovering who they really are. Whether they are followers or leaders and whether they will just go along with the crowd. Peer pressure is also starting to become an issue. At points thirteen year olds might do what they know is wrong, just to fit in.

At this age, teenagers will stop listening to their parents and start taking their friends advice. Out of ten thirteen year olds surveyed, all of them said that they get along just fine with their parents. Most of them also said that their parents were not aware of what was going on in their lives except for major events. Other than that most things they do their parents do not know about. When asked if their parents would have found out all the things they were doing behind their back, would they stop, they all said they would not and would just try harder not to get caught next time. "It's not that I don't tell my parents about my life because I don't trust them or don't get along with them. It's just that I know what I'm doing is wrong and I...