The Age of Discovery, Columbus, Enlightenment, Scientific Revolution, early technology and trade.

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Explain how technology was a stimuli to the Age of Discovery?

There were many technological advances in the Age of discovery. The development of the cannon, which was able shoot iron or stone balls. This device could take down city walls or fortresses. A western technician built 56 small cannon's and gigantic gun that could hurl stone balls weighing 800 lbs. The gun could only be loaded and fired only by about a hundred men working together, and reloading took 2 hours. Although the cannon had serious land warfare difficulties they could be used at sea. The mounting of cannons on ships gave impetus to European expansion. The cannon was used on open boats called galleys. The ships were run by slaves or convicts. These ships could not withstand the rough winds of the sea. The need for a stronger ship brought about the caravel, which was a small light sail ship.

This ship was slower then the galley, but the caravel held more cargo and highly maneuverable in the sea. The substitution for wind power over people power and equipment over soldiers gave a great technological advancement. These advancements helped produce better ideas.

Why did China and Japan seek to limit contact and trade with Europe in the 17th Century?

The Japanese and Chinese people were convinced that the Europeans were the cause of general civil disorder. In Japan the Spanish and the Portuguese were forced to close all foreign influence. Entry by the any Spanish or Portuguese, were ordered for every man on ship to be beheaded. In China the Jesuits were band because of a rite controversy. The Jesuits were forced to flee by orders of the emperor.

What were two effects of Columbus' Voyage on Europe/ Native Americans?

Columbus had a huge effect on Europe...