Age, Gender and Race: Three Major factors of life.

Essay by a0j6b June 2007

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There are three main factors that have a huge impact on my life: age, gender, and race/ethnicity. These factors have affected everyone in some way within their lifetime. A long time ago black women were used for house work, black men were used for manual labor, white women were kind of just there to please there men, and white men has all of the power. In someway these factors still affect us in today’s society. Being an eighteen year old, white, female has its ups and downs. I am going to break it down for you and tell you how my age, gender, and race/ethnicity have affected my life.

First we have age. I am eighteen years old. I love being eighteen years old but sometimes the expectations and stereotypes are just too much. I am now a “young adult” that is able to buy tobacco and lotto, if I wanted to.

I do not buy tobacco or lotto though, because I am expected to always do the “right thing.” Buying these products wouldn’t be the “right thing” because they are bad for my health. If I am suppose to always do the “right thing,” then why do I get stereotyped anyways, whether what I do is right or wrong. Mostly elders stereotype me for my age. They say “she’s too young, naive, or irresponsible.” It is not because I have ever done anything wrong in my life but because of my age. Many elders look at my age and say “she’s young not knowledgeable,” which isn’t true. I graduated high school. I go to college. I am expected to go to college. If I wasn’t going to college I think that I would have a lot more crap coming my way. Many people try to judge me before they...