The Age of Jackson

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Chapter 8 Section 5: The Age of Jackson (297-303)

1) Setting the Scene: March 1829, a new president, Andrew Jackson, insured the people that he would try to perfect the United States' government as best as possible. Politicians and government officials seemed especially anxious for bringing back the two-party limited government.

Jackson as President

Inaugurated on March 4th and was considered the man of the people.

Jackson was the first president from the west of the Appalachians.

An expert on battle tactics.

Jacksonain Democracy

Voting requirements were that you had to be a property owner and in some states such as Maine and Indiana, a white adult male. President Jackson was for the voting rights of those who are without property.

His support came from many first time voters.

As a result or these changes, the votes cast for president tripled from 1824 to 1828, from roughly 366,000 to more than 1.1


It did not matter how much wealth you had, since your vote will still count.

The Spoils System

Patronage: The practice of hiring political supporters for government jobs.

Jackson created a patronage system policy of his administration. He dismissed a numerous amount of President Appointees and other office holders in exchange for Jacksonian Democrats.

Spoils System: System of giving appointed offices as rewards from the successful party in an election.

Limited Government

The reason why it is called limited government is because he used his power to veto to restrict federal activity as much as possible.

Attacked politicians whom he considered corrupt and could limit peoples' liberty.

The Tariff Crisis

Tariff in 1828: A heavy tax on imports designed to boost American manufacturing.

Before his first term had begun, Congress passed the Tariff of 1828.

Nullify: To reject.

Greatly benefited industrial North but forced Southerners to pay...