Age Of Reason Represented In A Star

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THE AGE OF REASON REPRESENTED IN A STAR The age of reason was an age classified by writers as an age of freedom and developing new ideas, leaving behind those harsh rules and strong religious beliefs. To demonstrate this age, I think a star is a good way to represent it. ( see star attached) The color of the star is red. Red is a intense, strong, hard color, such as the ideas stablished or imposed during this new age. They had little interest in supernatural powers or other unrealistic aspects that years before dominated their life.

The star is made of pieces of wood. Wood is a strong material that is hard to break, and even harder to twist. The age of reason was full of strong ideas as well.

This era was not that easily completed. During this era, their were many difficulties in creating this inventions and stablishing new ideas.

That is why I chosed to leave some parts of the star not colored, to show that this ideas took time and intellegence to be developed. It has also rough edges. This is to show how rough it must have been to people living during that time and seeing the changes made in so many fields, so many inventions and new ways of thinking.

If you look very closely, some yellow and glitter can be easily see as well. comes with the idea of light. Stars glow at night, they give light to the world in the inmense dark universe. The star, as well as that time, gives light to the rest of the world, the darkness of the universe is the years before, dark, with no unique ideas. Stars bring ligh as well as the age of reason brought to the "dark" years before. The glitter represent the overstanding of the ideas and improvements made in humanity. It shines as well as the ideas imposed by Benjamin Franklin that makes our life today a more confortable life.

When you really think about it, the edges touch each other in a certain point to form the tips of the stars. During this age, inventions were made to improve many areas such as science and technology. The tips of the star means these improvements in all this areas. Means individuality.

All this tips are points away from the center, trying to reach freedom. Freedom is also an important aspect to mention during this new era. This era imposed freedom of speech, of arbitrary rules, freedom to question laws and theories. Freedom to perform new experiments and improved in the science and other areas of technology.

To create the star it took creativity and time as hard work and intellegence. More or lesst that is how it was while creating new experiments and practically a new way of life, not focusing only on religion as puritans did but in new advances to live a better life today.