Age of Reform

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The Age of Reform happened from 1820-1860 and is sometimes called the "the Rise of Common Man." Many people have contributed to this, ordinary people, like you and me, people like Dorothea Dix and Harriet Tubman. Those two people weren't afraid to state their opinions and actually do something about it. Not many people took that risk. But for the few who did, the rewards were great, not like fame and fortune but the feeling of helping people.

The age set people on the track of equality and opened people's eyes to what cruelty was going on toward others. Dorothea Dix and Harriet Tubman helped many people and are renowned for it now. Dix opened eyes everywhere with her actions for better care of mentally handicap people. What Tubman did sparked thousands to follow and work the Underground Railroad. Those two and countless others in the age made our country what it is by their actions and by abolishing unfair treatment.

The Age of Reform is certainly amazingly helpful in shaping our country into what it is now.

Dorothea Dix is a person who took a risk in the age and set out to help people. She was a social reformer who worked to improve the institutional treatment of the insane. She would go to towns and observe where the people were kept. If she found that the insane were being treated unfairly or poorly, she would work to see that they were treated better. This helps us now as a country because we keep the insane in institutions that care for them and are completely there looking over them 24 hours a day if needed and they are being treated better.

Harriet Tubman was an African-American woman who at an early age was going to be sent away...