"The Age of Reformation" by E. Harris Harbison.

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Written by E. Harris Harbison, "The Age of Reformation" brings us back to the important events that occurred more than five centuries ago. The events he focused mainly on chronicle the life of the people in Europe as well as other countries -- writing about hardships faced and mistakes made. To better gain insight on the topic, Harbison breaks the book down into three vital parts. They are: The European World about 1500, The Religious Upheaval, and The Struggle for Power. The first part contains information about life, people, government and power in the European World during the 1500s. The second part focused on religious issues that actually contributed greatly to what we know as the Reformation age today. And the third part situates itself on matters concerning the need and demand for power, which is basically always the same issue that leads to many of the events in history as well as today.

A brief overview of "The Age of Reformation" follows:

Reformation was a 16th century movement in Western Europe that aimed at changing many teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, which resulted in the establishment of the Protestant church. One church existed in Western Europe in the year 1500, The Roman Catholic Church. At the top was the Pope in Rome who literally governed everything. Three things greatly affected the reformation, the renaissance, men were beginning to dominate thought, the printing press, and last but not least the rise of powerful Nation-States with an all powerful monarch.

One individual named Martin Luther got extremely angry at the churches selling of indulgences. Luther was a priest who spent many years studying the bible and came to believe that the Catholic interpretation of the teachings of Jesus was not entirely correct. He posted his 95 Theses...