Aggression in Children

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Out of all the topic choices that had to do with children I chose aggression in children. I chose this topic because while I was growing up I was very aggressive. Also I have two younger sisters that are eight and ten. They are both extremely aggressive. They didn’t or don’t really have anyone to help them deal with their emotions. They basically just do what the want, I don’t think its right. I am interested in learning about aggression and what can help a child that has a lot of aggression and emotional problems.

In the article I chose, children in general are being studied. Not just a particular child. The article is saying that aggressive children need help learning how to deal with their emotions. It also shows ways that you can help with that.

In this article I found that you should always act fast when your child hits, pinches, slaps, bites, pushes, or hurts another child or grown-up.

You should be firm with them and say, “No pinching, pinching can really hurt someone!” They say you shouldn’t bite or pinch your child back because it only makes the aggressive behavior worse. If the child is older than two, sometimes it’s good to take something away from the child. Like the TV or play time with other children. Or maybe even a few minutes in time out. You should have the child say sorry to whoever she hurt. The more the child does it, the more he or she will understand what the meaning of sorry is.

When the child is calmed down you should let the child know you understand why he or she is frustrated or upset. Give the child a few ways to let her show how she feels in a different way. You...