Aggressive Policing

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How hard must one fight to keep their community from becoming a statistic? Good question, isn't it? To answer this question accurately, we need to look at what type of community we are and what type of community we want to be. But, where do we start? Well, I am here to tell you.

In today's society we have two types of policing. We have policing which provides aggressive enforcement towards any and all offenses, including those offenses that are not so harmful to others. These not so harmful offenses are considered to be minor in nature and really do not present an immediate threat. On the other hand we have a type of policing that strictly focuses on the offenses that are serious in nature such as crimes of murder, rape, arson, and so on. This type of policing is considered non-aggressive.

I believe, in order to prevail and not become a statistic one must be in favor of aggressive policing in order to live in a community without fear.

Residents deserve to walk the streets freely and know that the law protects them. Aggressive policing lets them know that they are being protected. Law enforcement personnel are able to effectively show their interest in the community by upholding the standards of the law. If this means that they arrest someone for being drunk and disorderly in public so be it. That only means that just possibly they have prevented that person from committing any other unlawful acts. Which in the end provides the citizens with the security that they need.

Without aggressive policing, the minor offenses would go unpunished which would leave the offender on the street and open to commit further offenses. Sure some public order offenses aren't nearly as drastic as others are, but if our law enforcement officials make themselves know throughout the community, just maybe the community would feel like a better place.

No one wants to see people loitering continuously on the street, being drunk in public, panhandling, soliciting prostitution, even urinating in public, and the list goes on and on. Therefore, we all need to support the efforts of administering aggressive enforcement of public offenses.

Sure, there are many people that feel this type of enforcement is unnecessary and unfairly focuses on the weak, the poor, or the outcasts of society. But by doing so maybe we can really help these types of people to better their lives in the long run. Maybe by arresting those that are drunk and disorderly, we can offer them help to get better. And maybe by dispersing those people that are lingering on the streets because that have no place to go, we can effectively get them into shelters that can provide them with certain necessities that are need, such as a bed to sleep in and a hot shower.

In the end, by working hard and supporting this type of enforcement, we as a community are working together against becoming a statistic. While at the same time, hopefully making our community a better place where people can live without fear and without enormous amounts of crime.