Agile Manufacturing

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What is going on?

Agile manufacturing was introduced in 1991 by a government-sponsored research effort at Lehigh University. After researching and studying about aspect of the "agile manufacturing", for my purposes, different businesses have different ideas of what agile manufacturing is. I adopt the following definition: depending on market and customers demand, agile manufacturing take competition ability and prestige as the foundation, choosing the cooperator to constitute the virtual company, division of cooperation, strengthending the whole competition ability for same target joint effort, make a fast reaction to the market need and respond quickly to rapidly changing markets driven by customer-based valuing of products and services. Using the simply words also can say that agile manufacturing get the right product to the right person at the right time under the faster and flexible way.

Analysis of the concept:

Agility is defined in dictionaries as quick moving, nimble and active. For attaining the fast dynamic ability, the establishment of the virtual business enterprise is the key technique, its core is the conjecture manufacturing technique, and namely agile manufacturing with the conjecture make technique is basal.

The agile manufacturing is a modern and dynamic to gather the manufacturing system which gathers from the gather of the information development system in the business enterprise, its development level represents the modern to gather the development level of the manufacturing system, is the modern gather the manufacturing system of development direction.

After the United States put forward the thought of the agile manufacturing in 1991, the American government sponsored the foundation structure, encourage professional field that many researches unit development carried out the agile manufacturing to carry on the demonstration application, having already made the certain progress currently. For example: In telemetry equip the agile manufacturing of the production demonstration item, it united the main...