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As we live in society today, there are many obstacles we tend to face. Some do not realize that one of the biggest challenges in life will have to face the fact that you will get old, and you will die. As I read the different excerpts from the four authors this week, my outlook started changing slightly.

Throughout my life, I have lives with the everyday fear of death. If I stop and think about it, I get chills and want to throw up. I have never wanted to face the fact that death is definite. After reading, my fear has toned down some. As I began to think about death now, it is not as intense as before. It is like facing it head on relieved some of the pressures I had before of the truth.

Thane seems to make the most sense to me. He talks about how people constantly run in the opposite direction of death.

They do not want to face the facts. Instead they tend to want to swim in the fountain of youth. Doing this, they get surgeries like face lifts, tummy tucks, and more. These beliefs give people the feeling that death is not coming. Therefore they spend their whole lives running from the inevitable. Which in the long run, hurts them? When death knocks on their door, it is unexpected and rejected with anger. They spend their whole lives avoiding the facts and are not capable of dealing with the truth when it smacks them in the face.

Russel was a totally different logic to me. As I began to read his piece, I almost felt sorry for him. It was like he expressed grief because he could not support his beliefs after so many years. He continuously tried to explain...