Aging With Exercise

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Aging With Exercise Exercise can be a healthy way of life. It can give one extra energy, strength, and endurance to achieve one's goals. When it comes to exercise, there are no limits. Anyone, at any age, can participate in this activity. Older adults should especially exercise. Exercise can bring so much into their lives. They would learn how to feel and look healthy again. In this essay, I plan to explain for an audience of aging adults that exercise is a necessary part of life because it promotes physical health conditions, helps promote mental heath, and give one the energy they need to achieve their goals.

In the article, "Exercise Isn't Just For Fun,"� the author talks about the different attributes that exercise gives to aging men and women. Exercising for a half hour twice a week significantly increased the health and mobility of men and women with serious chronic ailments (37).

The author stated that exercise can reduce heart risks, lower hip fractures, and promote mental health. Heart disease occurred later and less frequently in the group of older people who exercised than in the older adults in the non-exercising group (38). The same rules apply to hip fractures. The more people exercise, the less likely that they will have problems with hip fractures later in life. Exercise can stimulate every part of a person's body. Older adults also report to having better family relations, better sex lives, less loneliness, improved moods, and greater self-confidence (40). According to this article, the exercises that older people need to do are easy to master. The author pointed out that some of the routines should include shoulder rolls, spinal twists and side stretches, arm and leg flexes and extensions, and a pelvis rock (37). Breathing slow and deep are also part...