In Agosta's (2005) article, some of the trends in data quality management

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August 24, 2007


In Agosta's (2005) article, some of the trends in data quality management include: improved meta data quality, data profiling, standardization, and scoreboard reporting.

Agosta identifies there where there is data, there is metadata, and the same quality practices that apply to our data should be applied to the metadata.

The ability to profile data and determine any defects or quality issues is also another trend which vendors are focusing on in the coming years.

The standardization of tools, processes and workflows helps make the end-to-end process of data entry to reporting measurable against quality standards.

Finally scoreboard reporting allows admisitrative views into the operations of databases, including data quality.

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Agosta, L. (2005, February). Trends in data quality. DM Review, 157(2), 34-36.

Vendors need to pay attention to the trends in data quality management such as the growing amount of end-users using the database requiring high-availability databases; the growing data sources, various application integration requirements with integrated customer view, and the demand for more unique and complex queries.

Meeting the business requirements is an operating principle that the organization's database must satisfy. For example, the database must be secure to protect the organization's assets, it must be able to meet all the organization's requests, it must be able to efficiently store and retrieve data, it must be very stable, and must pass rigorous testing before implemented into production.

Developing a timely system and resulting in a cost effective and productive system are also important roles from business rules in database development. These roles allow the organization to maintain its competitive edge by maintaining its development budget while implementing or producing a very productive database.

In his article, Agosta (2005) discusses data quality and...