I agree with the quotation: "The failure of the post war treaties to be consistence with the 14 points was the primary source of interwar discontent"

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I will agree with this quotation that post war treaties was not consistence with the 14 points that Woodrow Wilson's 14 points made discontent in Germany and Italy. The citizens in German and Italy were cursed because of three reasons; first reason is the unfairness of disarmament that was included in Treaty of Versailles; it can be said that the treatment of Germany was incredibly unequal which was not consistent with the 14 points. The second reason is the huge amount of reparation to Germany that was also included in the Treaty of Versailles; this made the interruption of Germany's economy and trade which was obvious that it was not consistence with 14 points. The third reason is the treatment of readjusting the frontier of Italy that Italy did not gain territory as much as 14 points had stated in the Treaty of St. Germaine and Trianon. By these three reasons I agree with the quotation.

First reason is that Germany's armament had to be "demobilized" by the Treaty of Versailles; however, 14 points states that every country should reduce the military force to the "lowest point". When compare this two treaty, there are contradiction; that France and Britain did not reduce their armament instead they increased because France was worried that if Britain will be incapable of assisting them they have to strengthen their armament to be in equal strength with Britain, Britain could not reduce because of the colonies; India, Middle East and in Ireland. By looking at these points this will make Germany depressed; since, they have lost all of their colonies and lands; also it is unfair to make Germany reduce their armament and the great powers are able to increase the armament. The settlement of the Treaty of Versailles did not follow...