Agricultural Bioengineering

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Agricultural bioengineering is basically using genetics altering technology to, in a laboratory, create newer and better versions of the plant and animal products already in existence. Genetic engineering can be used for many different things. Cloning, creating entirely new species and manipulating already existing species are a few. Each of these are examples of controversial issues, however, engineering of foods to be consumed by humans is one of the larger, more controversial issues out of all the issues pertaining to genetic engineering. There are even several different issues within the somewhat broad spectrum of agricultural bioengineering, which people have been debating for quite some time. Some people do not like the idea of any type of genetic engineering in general, they believe that changing or moving around DNA is "playing God". However, on the other side of the argument, some people believe that it could benefit everyone, that "playing God" could save millions of lives and better the world.

Some people who do not believe in agricultural bioengineering specifically do not believe in it because they do not want to be eating something that was artificially created in a laboratory. What most people do not realize is that traditional breeding practices, practices like selective breeding, which has been used for centuries to create new breeds of plants and animals, is actually a form of genetic modification. Many believe milk with Bovine Growth Hormone in it should be labeled, but milk with the hormone in it is no different than regular milk, it was simply created faster. Agricultural bioengineering is ethical and could vastly benefit society.

Genetic engineering is not only used for many different goals, it is also a complicated, long process which involves a lot of work before it can even be presented to the FDA for approval to...