The Agricultural Revolution.

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Do you agree with Jared Diamond when he suggests that the human

race would have been better off if the Agricultural Revolution never happened?

Explain Why?

I will have to agree with Jared Diamond in saying that the human race and our environment would have been better off if the Agricultural Revolution never happened. I will begin by discussing some of the positives and negatives of the new found Agricultural Revolution. Despite the few positives, this revolution has had an impact on not only the environment but our human existence. My goal is to discuss the hardship that the Agricultural Revolution has brought to us.

To begin you have to consider the way life the hunter-gatherer lived. The people survived by hunting and living in caves or temporary shelters (John P.Mckay, A History of World Societies, Volume I, sixth edition, Boston, 2000, p.6). Hunter gatherers were able to adapt to anything including any environmental situation.

The amazing talent that they possessed was being able to use many resources, not having to depend on a few. The hunter gathers would move seasonally in order to use different sources of food ( The good thing about their way of life had no impact on the environment. They had a stable diet, and received 80% of their balance from gathering and the rest were provided by hunting (Jared Diamond They also established a division of labor allowing everything to be equal, which anthropologists call an egalitarian relationship ( The hunter gathers way of living could not support many, because they had no wealth, but good knowledge. This knowledge was always shared, so they just seem to me as being very good people.

The Neolithic period brought forth the Agricultural Revolution, which is dated between 7000 and 3000 B.C.E. When...