The Agriculture and Industrial Revolutions of the Eighteenth Century

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Question: Identify changes the occured during the Industrial and Agricultural revolutions of the eighteenth centuries.

In Europe during the time prior to the Industrial and Agricultural revolutions, people had a specific way of life that had been functional for many years. People had a strictly production and consumption way of life. This is also known as subsistence farming, in this, the families would grow just enough food for their families and to pay their landowners. People living in the Northwestern part of Europe would wait later to get married and to have children. Because of this, no three generations lived in the same household and illegitimate births were very rare. In Eastern Europe, things were just the opposite. People generally married sooner and there fore had larger households consisting of multiple generations in one household. As we get closer to the eighteenth century food prices began to rise because of the rising population, thus causing the agricultural revolution.

Later in the eighteenth century, the Industrial revolution would emerge employing vast numbers of people in the work force.

The Agricultural revolution was brought about because of a rise in food costs. Property owners became worried and began to commercialize agriculture. This angered the peasants greatly because they already struggled each season to feed their families and pay the landowners. How would they ever produce enough to feed others? For this reason, there were many peasant revolts during this time. To overcome this, the tenant farmers had to transform their former way of doing things. The farmers did not have very much land to work with and did not have the technology that we have today. They began farming new crops such as clovers and turnips. Charles Townsend also helped the farmers by coming up with the idea of crop...