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Same sex marriage is against religious faith, and society?s norms, therefore, it shouldn?t be legalized. Marriage by definition is a union between man and women .It is a legal contract between man and women in order to make the relationship firm and lawful. The purpose of marriage is to support your partner emotionally and financially, and to reproduce and extend the family, so same sex marriage not only changes the definition of marriage, but also changes the value of marriage. Reproduction is not the only aim of the marriage, but it is a very important part of it ?marriage is a union of one man and women for the purpose of procreation it ?there by provide a more secure and stable environment for their children?? Institution of marriage was created by God mainly for a purpose of procreation; same sex marriage is totally against religious norms. Therefore, by legalizing same sex marriage we will violate religious right and society?s norm.

same sex marriage is prohibited in almost all religions ?Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism reveals support for the view of marriage as the union of men and women, and virtually no official endorsements of the idea of same-sex ?marriage?? For centuries religion has been a significant part of human societies and it has been important to mankind; religion provides us reason and purpose, and we shouldn?t ignore our religious faith. ?The preceding review of the five major world religions makes one thing clear: the consensus across these traditions is that marriage, by definition, requires a man and a woman. In the U.S., this represents the views of 165,065,305 adherents of the five major world religions, or 98.1% Worldwide, this represents the views of 3,974,115,629 adherents of the five major world religions, or 99.9%.?

We don?t have any problem with...