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The story of the Aida centers around the political conflict between Ethiopia and its neighbor - Egypt. Princess Aida of Ethiopia becomes enslaved by the Egyptians and serves as handmaiden to the Egyptian Princess Amneris, but how? Again the temper of princess shows how much different they are. Strange case just was running on the field and... light line and our princess -enslave of the neighbor "friend" Amneris. Many of Aida's captors are fascinated by her charm and grace, but as the daughter of a king Aida has enough wisdom to keep her secret. But the famous opera can't be with out romance; Aida and Amneris are both found to be in love with the handsome, strong Egyptian Army captain, Radames. Radames unfortunately for Amneris, reveals his love for Aida. Further conflict results with Aida when she realizes that she has unwittingly chosen the death of her Ethiopian loved ones over that of Radames. To save her country and her father who has been catched by the Egyptians. Radames is accused of treason, and the penalty is to be buried alive. However, he is offered two choices, marry Amneris or accept the penalty. Unable to deny his love for Aida, Radames chooses death, and left to die on the tomb. But he finds Aida in the tomb to die with him. (223)

Before saying that Aida was frivolous person - read this.

Of coarse Aida has some privileges like every "crowned head". We can't really say how claver, interesting and how provident she is, because it doesn't say nothing about it or show it. But she has charm and grace. My opinion that when she lived at the Ethiopia she was still a child, because her father was the ruler of the country and everyone...