Aiding In Violence

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Aiding in Violence

Life as we know it today has changed from the way it was thirty years ago. Single families are more abundant than before. Parents find themselves picking up part-time jobs in order to support their families. As a result of the parents working longer hours to make ends meet, the children may not be given the same amount of attention as expected and granted more freedom due to lack of available time. Another problem that arises with parents being less involved in their children's life is what they are watching on T.V. At any given time on cable you have the ability to watch shows that exhibit violence and harsh language. Shows ranging from Jackass on MTV were the cast participate in irresponsible stunts that may harm themselves and cast mates, appearing "cool" to the audience to the various reality shows that are mainly composed of harsh language and physical fights.

If there is one thing we all know, it is that children learn from example, generally the younger audience will grow up with and admire those they see the most. In a study done by Huston and Wright at the University of Kansas they found that children spend more time watching T.V. than any other activity besides sleep (1). Most of us are intelligent enough to piece together that what is depicted on television is not always the actual way events work out in reality, then we have the select few who do not realize the difference between fact and fiction. When people act out and do things of a violent nature either to themselves or others it is only natural to try and justify your actions. Those people living in "fantasy" land refer back to what was witnessed the other night on a show and...