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I. Introduction


Practicing safe sex is essential in a world where diseases like AIDS exist.

II. Body

a. There are many forms of safe sex, abstinence being the only 100% effective one.

1. If one chooses to have sex then condom use is very important.

2. The faults of condoms.

3. There is no type of sex that is safe

b. Many say that the idea of safe sex is a myth

c. There is a lack of education, about AIDS, especially in teenagers.

1. Is it really worth teaching? Are they going

to listen?

a. how should it be taught

2. Abstinence should be taught more often than safe sex.

3. different teaching techniques, such as teaching at an early age and teaching free of moralistic discussion.

4. The use of condoms.

D. What are some reasons for not using condoms in today's world?

1. It's not AIDS and other STD's are not talked about enough

2. Personal reasons for not using them.

E. If one practices safe sex then their chances of getting a disease are lessened dramatically.

1. Facts and figures

2. chances of getting AIDS

III. Conclusion

The fastest growing numbers of AIDS cases are now in teenagers and young adults; education is the key in influencing these young people not to contribute to the numbers