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Goodmorning to all my friends, coaches and special guests.

My name is Hamza and I would like to share some of my special thoughts with you.

Most of us have heard of the disease of HIV -Aids. We know how it can be spread and we know how millions are affected by this disease.We know that there are ways to prevent it spreading and we know about medication like anti retrovirals that can help you live longer with Hiv -Aids.But do we know of the human face of this disease

Today I would like to say that it is time that we as a community reach out to our friends that are affected by Aids .We know that our friends need our support .It does not matter if they have aids our if their family members are affected we must be there for them. Today many children have been orphaned by this disease and we need to help them We cant wait for a magic cure because then it will be too late.

Our only weapons are EDUCATION and PREVENTION.

As sportsmen and women we know all about winning and I know we hate to lose.Thats why we will not lose the fight against Aids. Lets Educate ourselves about prevention and treatment to finally turn this disease around..To all my friends please know you are not alone in this fight. We are a team in this community and we will win the fight together.