AIDS is caused by poverty: Do you agree?

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Is AIDS caused by poverty?

No! Anyone can be infected by AIDS very easily even the Queen of England or Bill Gates, the richest man in the world.

HIV the incurable disease...doesn't matter how rich or how poor you are. All the money in the world can't cure it nor fully prevent it from spreading. If you are infected, you're doomed.

"But no, you are wrong" you would say, "why does statistics show that most of the poor African countries like Ethiopia have the highest rate of HIV infected people?" The answer: Ignorance. The people there don't believe in using condoms, they have myths for example, if a man who is infected by AIDS sleeps with a virgin, he would be cured. People who use the same needle for injections is highly at risk for infection. The people in those POOR countries are provided with free condoms, clean needles etc.

but they are still ignorant.

But all of this still doesn't answer the question. You have to ask yourself first: was the country poorer before they discovered AIDS? Does poverty cause AIDS? No it's just the opposite; AIDS causes poverty. But why? You see, a lot of adults (the sexually active and the productive, working group) get infected and die, there are few working people left. Hospitals and medical services are being put under great pressure, so the people must pay more tax, the people don't have money because there are no breadwinner etc. All of this leads to poverty of a country and a poor economical standard.

To come to a conclusion: AIDS is not caused by poverty. Poverty is caused by AIDS.