The AIDS Epidemic

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AIDS is a serious fatal disease of the immune system that is transmitted through sexual contact, blood products, or contaminated needles. Ever since aids has been first recognized in June, 5, 1981 about 25 million people have died. It is a rapidly growing disease that has spread worldwide with no absolute cure yet. Each year millions of people die and the number of people living with HIV keep rising continuously.

Putting a stop for such an epidemic disease is not easy. With no cure yet AIDS can not be just omitted out of our lives. I believe there are many proper ways where we can prevent AIDS\HIV from happening. It is not easy but throughout these ways we could slow down the disease and hopefully put a stop to it.

First and foremost, people all around the world should be properly educated about the consequences of having unprotected sex.

They should know what AIDS is, where it comes from, and how they can protect themselves. Condoms should be distributed regularly for free and offered everywhere. The country should offer a lot of money for the HIV+ positive people in order for them to get the proper drugs they need. Charities and normal people should organize events to raise money and awareness about AIDS. Men who have sex with men are also in high risk which makes them a huge threat. They should wear condoms at all times and learn how to have safer sexual relationships.

Also more needle exchanges should take place in blood donation organizations. More media and ad campaigns should encourage proper protection and introduce AIDS to people.

About 6,000 people become infected with HIV everyday and more than two thirds of them are under the age of 25. Young people who use drugs are at most risk for catching AIDS or HIV infections. These young people should be properly taught about sexual education at schools and communities. Awareness classes should be held, condoms should be distributed, and clinics should offer free check ups making it possible for everyone to learn and know. Sexual avatars that encourage delayed sex should also be distributed for teenagers to give them a better point of view.

I think my ideas would most certainly work and help the AIDS epidemic calm down, if they were properly applied. All of these ideas should aware the people and encourage the safest sex. Also, when everyone realizes how much AIDS is fatal they’ll feel intimidated and vulnerable, and would start acting quickly. Don’t think you can’t contract AIDS, because when you least pay attention to what you’re doing you could, so you need to be careful.