Aids In Islamic Countries

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Biology: Aids Paper Richard Graham 3/5/02 (Sick last 2 days of last week) Aids in Islamic Countries Islam is a very popular religion throughout the world, but especially in the Middle East, which many people consider Islamic Countries. Muslims think that their Muslim customs "will protect them against AIDS" (Hanif). The strictest Islamic country is Saudi Arabia, they force the women to cover themselves. Here information on sex is censored and the government covers up all information about AIDS. In fact "the word sex is absent from the public vocabulary" (Hanif). The country claims that since its people are such strong, faithful Muslims that it results in a very small amount of AIDS cases. However, most rich men go to other nearby countries to get sex. One such place in Bahrain, "known as the commercial sex capital of the Middle East" (Hanif). Facts on medical issues, including AIDS, are often covered up by Islamic nations.

Saudi Arabia "refused to admit AIDS existed within its borders" (Hanif) until recently. The Islamic community is very determined to disallow all types of excessive sex and diseases that come with it. Even in "some Islamic societies, segregation of the sexes, strict punishments for sex before marriage and a total ban … [on] homosexuality" (Hanif). However, these restrictions "lead to widespread sex between men and homosexuality that go unacknowledged, illegal prostitution an underground "illicit" sex that is never recorded" (Hanif). Some countries even advertise medical advice on "huge billboards [that] caution the citizens against AIDS in bold red letters" (Hanif). Also certain state governments are trying to implement ""Hudood" laws which will mean lashing, stoning and imprisonment for extramarital sex and possible life imprisonment for homosexuality" (Hanif). As one can see AIDS aren't as bad in Islamic Countries due to harsh feelings...