Aims and objectives for lincoln coursework.

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Aims and objectives

The aims that I intend to prove are:-

1.For the traffic count -

a.To see whether different areas experience different flows of traffic;

b.To examine the different types of transport on the roads in Lincoln;

c.To record the number of people per car.

2.For the environmental survey -

To see whether there are differences in environmental quality in different areas of the city.

3.For the shop usage count -

To see if the number of customers entering and leaving various retail premises is different in various parts of the CBD.

4.For the group questionnaire -

To collect information from local people and tourists about their views on various issues in Lincoln.

5.For the pedestrian count -

To see whether there are variations in pedestrian flow in various parts of the city.

6.For the land-use maps -

To see if there are patterns of land-use across the CBD.

Traffic count

In the traffic count I did a traffic count. In this I needed to record the method of transport that goes through Broadgate in Lincoln. This traffic count was recorded from 11.15 for ten minutes to 11.25. I have a table, which has been separated into different columns, these are: cars, lorries, vans, buses and coaches, motorcycles, bicycles and one column for other vehicles. The column for the cars has been separated into five columns to show how many people per car ranging from 1 person to 5 people per car. This helped me reach the aim by showing me the different types of transport on the roads in Lincoln and also shows me how many people per car there are.

Environmental survey

For the environmental survey I did a survey to record the environmental quality of four random...