Air Campaign in Falklands War

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1. The Falkland War was one of the most intensely fought Air War in between 1973 Yom Kippur war and 1991 Gulf war. After many years of dispute over the Falkland Islands between Argentina and Britain, on 02 April 82, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. It was an act of retaliation by Argentina against the British occupation, one and a half century ago. To recapture the islands, the British constituted a tri service task force to project military power 8000 miles away and evict the Argentine invaders from Falkland Islands. The Argentines also redeployed their forces, transferring some of their Air and Land forces to the Falkland Islands. Thereafter, the events progressed in quick time culminating in a major Air/Naval battle between the two forces. But it was the application of air power, together with naval assistance that resulted in the British recapture of the Falkland Islands only 74 days after the Argentine invasion.

2. The Falkland was very eventful and many aspects of Air Power were used effectively during the war. Both sides prosecuted the air war gallantly flying almost all types of missions. It saw the introduction of new technologies and tactics. Many war analysts have studied this war in details to derive relevant lessons. A study of the characteristics and limitations of air power, which emerged during the war, will assist in validating the relevance of these aspects to modern day application of air power. Since all the aspects of the war are very vast, this paper will concentrate on the command and control, air campaigns, its analysis and technological impact. Nevertheless, the analysis is under the prelude of background and of the conflict and the war strategy. The entire study is concluded through the important lesson learnt that has bearing to our present days applications.