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Even though people see a lot of plane crashes on t.v, is it safer to travel in a car or in a plane? Some people are scares of traveling in airplanes because they think the plane is going to crash and they are going to die. Some people rather wake up early and travel in a car four hours than travel in an airplane for half an hour. I think airplanes are alot safer than cars for three different reasons. Pilots are trained, planes rarely ever crash, and a plane is alot bigger and harder. And made up of many more parts than a car.

fist, I think cars are more dangerous because the people behind the wheel of a car are not as qualified as the pilots of an airplane. Pilots have been certified bu the FAA to fly an airplane. It takes years of training and they are constantly studying about new updates that are done to the planes, etc.

In contrast, to drive a car all you need is a license.

Secondly planes barely crash, it happens every blue moon. Car accidents happen evry minute. and many people suffer injuries and/or die. There are many cars in the highway and usually all it takes is one distracted driver to make a wrong move and it could cost the life of many.

And last, airplanes take a long time to build and they are made up of millions of parts,and they are a lot bigger and harder than a car. Take the n22 for example, the widebody has one million parts and a span time of 75 days. no other manufactured product in the world has the complexity of a commercial aircraft, or needless to mention a fighter plane. Nothing even comes close, you take a pontiac for example and you run it everyday al day, and see what happens, it'll fall apart in a few months, planes fly everyday all day and are built to last for 40 years.

In conclusion, I think that planes are much safer than cars. So next time you get in an airplane. Don't be scared and remember this essay.