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1.0Corporate Profiles1.1Corporate VisionsIn AirAsia, the Company has a few visions as guidelines to their achievement and performance. The visions involved are maximizing shareholders' value, emphasizing on safety, focus on guests' needs, and achieve operational excellence, management transparency and human capital development.

In maximizing shareholders' value, AirAsia tends to create profit by expanding their business reach within Asia. Besides, they also expand routes and network through a prudent calculated manner. Going through a calculated expansion routes and networks at the same time reduce the risk of business loss. In addition, AirAsia also invests and enhances the brand in order to increase the investors' returns. They also are working on building one brand.

As AirAsia's main business activity is providing excellence services to their customers, they works base on their second vision which is safety. The management will never compromise when it comes to safety matters. They practice their responsibility by ensuring the security to both their staff and guests.

AirAsia also complies with every regulation and at the same time putting much effort in maintaining highest safety standards.

The third vision of AirAsia is to focus on their guests' needs. As we all know, air fares are usually very expensive and not everyone is affordable to pay the price. Furthermore, businessmen who need to travel a lot usually carry the burden of expensive air fares. AirAsia comes out with a solution by stimulates the demand by offering the lowest fares compare to other airlines. Besides they also build up a comprehensive distribution channel and develop various products and services while maintaining simplicity. Although AirAsia provides airlines service with a lower rates, this does not mean that they neglect the service quality. They claims to provide a unique AirAsia's experience which states that low fares do not mean low...