Airline industry.

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A. General discussion of the industry

Airline industry is a very valuable industry and is used throughout the world as an easier way of transportation. The airline industry is classified by the government and is based on the amount of revenue that is generated from operations. This type of industry is categorized in 4 different sections: major, regional, national, and cargo carriers. All of these categories have ways of displaying and executing services to interested consumers. Major airlines are also called truck carriers. They are considered nationwide. National airlines are scheduled airlines for the planned consumers and travelers. Like the major airlines, national serve to medium and large size jets. Regional airlines focus mostly on transporting major travelers between major cities and small communities near by. This class has been seen to have the fastest growing and most profitable segment of the airline industry. Lastly there are the cargo carriers.

They are part of the industry that focuses on the passengers and their cargo.

In the early 2000, the growth in the airline industry was around 5%. But, because of the scare of 9-11, the industry felt that there would be too many seats chasing too fewer passengers (Business Week, 2000). Then, there was a promising build up within the next three years (until now) and it has shown that planning and strategies which were applied after this tragic event has lead to a new great start for airline industry.

B. Microenvironmental forces and likely effects

B. 1. Customers

The airline industry has a main focus and that would be their customers and the satisfaction that is relayed to them. Their main concern is the people aboard. When a consumer thinks of an airline industry, it is usually consisted of the travel situation they are going to be in. The...