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Characteristics of the sector

Macro and Micro economic environment

Evolution of the Sector

Current Structure

Political, Economic and Social trends


Employment trends, work patterns and labour markets






This report will be looking at the structure of the hospitality industries airline sector, and will be using a business from within the sector as a case study. The company chosen for the report was British airways. The company itself is a globally recognised PLC based in the United Kingdom. The report will contain information on he current status of the airline industry, following the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001 and the status of the industry in previous years. The report will also contain information on the sector's characteristics, economic environment, evolution, consumers and employees.

Characteristics of the sector

The airline sector is a large form of mass travel in the global transportation network.

The sector in general involves the organisation of people, airlines, equipment and buildings for transporting mail, freight and passengers to various parts of the world. International air travel is so extensive that it is possible to reach almost any major city in less than a day. Different airline companies deal with different types of cargo, for example companies like British Airways specialise in the transportation of people. This has been by far the largest source of revenue for airlines since the second half of the twentieth century. The different airline companies battle against each other by offering attractive fares and specialised discounts. The passenger services usually offer two areas of travel, first class or coach, first class being more favorable due to comfortable seating arrangements, more elaborate meals and usually more flight personnel on hand. The coach service is cheaper with a slightly more crowded atmosphere. Other services include...