"Airman"- By Eoin Colfer

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The genre of this book is considered as fantasy science, historical, and adventurous fiction. There are a total of 412 pages in this book and I finished the whole book. I chose this book because this was a pretty new book from Eoin Colfer and I never heard about it so I just had the eagerness to read this book. The story of Airman was set in the late 19th century (1800s) on the islands of Great and Little Saltee located off the coast of Ireland. I figured out that there are two subtle themes in this book. One of the themes is that even people in royalty will face challenges, so no matter how poor or rich people are they will face different problems. The other theme of this book is trying to tell us no matter what hardship you face, never give up, keep trying your best, and see how things work out.

In this book I had innumerable of emotions the skillfulness of Eoin Colfer manipulating his plots made me have a feeling of riding on a roller coaster. His plot was suspenseful and twisting and the characters were well developed and presented. This caused me to have all kinds of emotions; some obvious examples are that I felt aghast and excited when Conor Broekhart, the main character, and his parents Declan and Catherine were falling in the sky, because there hot air balloon were shot from the people below. I also felt a feeling of twisted when Conor was accused by Bonvilain for killing the king but actually Bonvilain had killed the king. I was really surprised at a point while reading this book. Victor Vigny, Conor’s teacher who taught him everything such as reading, writing, math, fencing, and how to be a man, was killed when Bonvilain heard him with the king talking about what bad things he did. I was surprised that Bonvilain would kill both of them and accuse Victor Vigny of doing it and made Conor spent time in prison. This part was built with great suspense that it just made me want to read on. Once I read about Victor Vigny, I wanted to be him because first he was smart and he was a really great spy, even though he was accused of being a spy that betrayed the Saltees and killed their king. He was really brave to jump in front of the king to try to save him when Bonvilain was trying to shoot the king but sadly the bullet went off Victor’s fingers and killed the king, but Bonvilain shot another shot and killed Victor. Victor was really smart, because he saw Conor’s talent so they both were trying to make an efficient machine that can fly. After reading this book, I learned that you have to stay calm if anything goes wrong or not what you expected. You have to stay calm and think what solutions are there and don’t consider leaving it as a solution unless there is not another possible solution. I thought this book was fantastic! It was very well written just like I said the plot will give its reader a roller coaster ride in their emotions while they are reading through this book. The plot was suspended and will not be what you expected, hard to predict what will happen next, and the characters were well described and developed. I recommend this book to people interested to flying machines, and to take a look of Saltee Island’s prison and wonderful hot air balloons through the skillful manipulated words written by Eoin Colfer.

Colfer, Eoin. Airman. New York City: Hyperion Books for Children, 2009