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Airport Security On the early morning of September 11th the whole world was shocked to see the Twin Towers on fire. After one American airliner plane hit the first tower, deep in the distance another one was on the way. Havoc was raging in the streets, and with crazed people in nearby buildings, the worst was yet to come. The second plane was coming, people did not know whether it was a suicide bombing or pilot error. As the second plane comes out of nowhere, it slams into the second tower at speeds of six hundred miles per hour. With the force of the plane, it caused a massive explosion and ignited both towers in flames. The flames collapse the building triggering the first one to fall, also killing thousands. In effect of the September 11th bombings, airport security measures have tightened drastically causing people to not use air travel as transportation.

For the eight-teen years that I have been alive the airport has always been an exciting place to go. This all changed after September 11th. Before September, the airport security was at a medium and people could go anywhere that they wanted. Now as you enter the airports curbside check in, you are greeted by the National Guard with M-16 machine guns. If the driver steps one foot out of the car, they have a chance of being towed and impounded. Often many people use to show up at the airport two hours ahead, now they show up at least fours to make their flight. As you walk in the airport there are lines that are five times as long as normal, and many unhappy customers. After waiting in lines for hours, you are checked in and picked randomly in the airport to be searched and have your...