Al Capone Personal Narrative

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Some call me an evil man for the violence and crime that occurs as a result of the organization I run. The truth is, prohibition has caused the trouble. When I sell liquor, it's called bootlegging; when my patrons serve it on Lake Shore Drive, it's called hospitality. (Quotes) You see, I grew up in the tough streets of Brooklyn where crime was a way of life. If you were weak you'd be beat, mugged and left for the bums to steal your clothes just for walking down the street alone. I learned from an early age that the only way to survive was to partake in the crime. My mother never approved of me being a criminal; she wanted me to go to school and get an education on top of the three jobs I worked at age fourteen. (History) But I was just good at being a criminal; I knew how to manipulate people to get what I wanted.

School never did anything except waste my valuable time when I could be out making money off scams so I dropped out to take up a full time education in the ways of the streets.

My first gang was the Brooklyn Rippers. (Capone) It was a suitable name for a bunch of wannabe gangster kids ripping off the local candy shop and bowling alley. Seeing that I worked at the bowling alley as a pin boy and a clerk at the candy shop I figured I could benefit greatly from the Rippers. (History) In no time I was making twice as much dough from the scams as I was from my legit jobs. The Rippers were small time and by the time I was eighteen I was hungry for a bigger slice of the dough to be made in...