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I am going to tell you what Al Gore wants and stands for. His leading idea is on the Internet, next in order is on the taxes, his third idea would be on education,I will also share some of Al Gores history. I really think he has terrific ideas.

Vice president Al Gores leading thoughts is on the Internet. He thinks that we should put V-chips on the Internet for children's protection. It will keep them from traveling on bad websites. This will cost a little bit of money but it will go to a admirable cause.

Next in order, I will tell you about what vice president Al Gore wants for taxes. Al Gore wants a 99% tax cut for the middle class.

He doesn't think that the poor or middle class should have to pay as much as the extremely wealthy people.

In addition to, I will tell you about what vice president Al Gore wants for education.

He wants to make shallower classrooms to stop as many adolescent course of action. He in addition to wants the student and teacher to have expanded one on one time.

Finnally, I will tell you about Vice President Al Gore. Al Gores vice president is Leiberman. Al Gore has already served two years of vice president so he should be extremely experienced for the 2000 election .

In conclusion I just told you about why it may be possible vote for Al Gore in the 2000 election. Remember what he wants in favor of my three episodes Internet, Taxes and education. I absolutely agree with Al Gore.