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Al Gore is known as a businessperson, an author, former journalist, an environmentalist, but most importantly a politician. Beginning his political career at 28 he has taken seat in the Senate, House of Representatives, and was the Vice President during the Clinton era. He even won the popular vote as presidential candidate in the 2000 election, however he lost the electoral to George W. Bush. He grew up in a very influential family, being the offspring of a Congressman. He has played a large role in America's political history. Al Gore's strong beliefs and initiatives, especially on the issues of environment and healthcare, have made him a very effective political figure.

Al Gore feels that the energy crisis and the environment are very vital issues because of what is at stake. He states that "the dangerous and unsustainable consumption of oil from a highly unstable part of the world is similar in consequence to other forms of self destructive behavior" (Gore 201).

He believes that by keeping world oil prices high, our steadily increasing consumption of oil also ensures the continued flow of petrodollars into the hands of countries like Iran which are hostile to our community, and Saudi Arabia, where significant sums have apparently been diverted to train and support terrorists. He says Americans have had one too many wars to ensure our continued access to oil. Because of theses reasons an urgent effort to develop environmentally sustainable substitutes for fossil fuel is required (Gore 201).

The best known and far most serious of the environmental threats is the climate crisis. He is concerned because of the over whelming majority of environmental scientists who have found growing evidence that the world's environment is sustaining severe and potentially irreparable damage from the accumulation of pollution in the atmosphere. He believes...