Al Pacino Is better than Robert Dinero "Argument"

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Al Pacino Is Better Than Robert Di Nero

These two Actors,producers, and directors have had prestigious careers, but

I'd much rather be Al Pacino than Di Nero. Pacino has an extra dimension in his arsenal that

Di Nero lacks, he is also a writer; He wrote the narraration for "Looking for Richard" He also

starred in the movie "Scarface" which produced 23 million dollars in gross profit from just

box office sales. Pacino also makes an average of 10 million dollars per picture that he is the star.

Meanwhile, he has a very relaxing and controlled lifestyle, he turned down many pictures

like star wars, Crimson Tide, and the Apocalypse Now, while Di Nero has a bombarded

schedule. Di Nero has been in 30 more movies than Pacino so he has very little time to enjoy

his fortune, while Pacino has a less demanding schedule. Also, Pacino remains Hollywood's

biggest bachelor and is one of the only hollywood stars to never be married.

(He has a girlfriend Beverly D'angelo) He has also won or been nominated for 8 academy

awards, won 2 British Academy Awards, has won or been nominated for 14 Golden Globes,

he was named as best actor in 1975 by L.A. Film critics, he won best supporting actor in 72'

and best actor in 73' by National board of review and was nominated best actor three times

by the New York Film critics circle. in 2004, he became just the 18th performer to win the

triple crown of acting: (Oscar- Best Actor 93', Tony's best supporting actor 69' Best actor

play 77' and the Emmy Best Actor-mini-series/movie 2004'.) Pacino gets the nod over Di Nero

because since the days where they both starred in the Godfather series, Pacino has aged well

where Di Nero has starred in...