The Alamo

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Many movies have been made about the Texas Revolution, more specifically the Alamo. Most of them do a good job in portraying the fall of the Alamo but this version of The Alamo does an excellent job. The order of the events and the details of the events are very accurate.

In the beginning of the movie Colonel William Travis and Jim Bowie don't get along but eventually Colonel Travis gives Jim Bowie control over the volunteers. Soon after things settle down between Travis and Bowie, Davy Crockett arrives with several volunteers. All of this was portrayed in chronological order in the movies. Several minutes into the movies Santa Anna's troops reclaim San Antonio and Santa Anna ahs one of his troops raise a flag on top of the bell tower of the San Fernando Church. The flag raising actually did happen and the Texans responded with a canon shot.

After seeing the extent of Santa Anna's forces, Travis writes a letter to the Texans to ask for reinforcements. While the troops at the Alamo waited for relief, Santa Anna's troops continued to bombard the town with cannon shots. The movie showed Santa Anna's persistence very well. In the movie, Santa Anna's troops finally storm the Alamo during the day but it was really stormed in the morning. Although this is detail was inaccurate, it does not take away from the overall picture.

The Mexicans were able to easily defeat the Texans by climbing the walls and knocking the walls down. Sam Houston's army was too late in responding and actually found out that the Alamo while they were in route to the Alamo. In the movie, Houston didn't want to go to the Alamo without enough man power and in reality that is exactly what happened.

After finding out...