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Albert Bandura

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Albert Bandura

Psychology of the personality can be a vast arena. Due to the many different personalities found in humans, it would appear there are many schools of thought on this subject. In reality, there are only a few major schools of thought, which are supported by some influential minds. One of the most interesting is Albert Bandura. When discussing Mr. Bandura, it is important to determine the school of thought he supports, his individual contributions to the field of psychology, any occurrences in his lifetime that may have influenced his perspectives, and how his theories can be applied to the workplace.

Albert Bandura is one of the key theorists in the behavioral/social personality school of thought. In order to understand how and where his ideas came from, it is important to understand his background.

Albert Bandura was born in 1925 in Mundane, Alberta, Canada to immigrant parents. His parents had no formal education, but put much enfaces on attaining an education. Both of his parents were hard workers, using mainly their hands to turn their new homestead into a tillable farm. Bandura has been known to speak of how this early pioneering life was a tough struggle for his parents. Bandura also discusses how the Great Depression took a toll on his fathers fun loving spirit, but through laborious efforts his father added further sections to their farm which brought the family more money.(Pajares, 2004) After attending elementary and high school at the only school in town, Bandura went on to college at the University of British Columbia. Using the skills he attained working through the summers, he was able to work his way through college...