Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein

Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in Ulm Germany. He lived there with his parents,

Herman and Pauline. Einstein attended a Catholic School near his home. But, at age 10, Einstein

was transferred to the 'Luitpold Gymnasium', where he learned Latin, Greek, History, and

Geography. Einstein's father wanted him to attend a university but he could not because he did not

have a diploma from the Gymnasium. But there was a solution to this problem over the Alps, in

Zurich. There was The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology which did not require a diploma to

attend. The one thing it did require was applicant to pass an entrance exam. But then yet another

problem arose most scholars were 18 when they entered the institute, and Einstein was only 16.

In Berne, on January 6, 1903; Einstein married Mileva Maric. The twowitnesses at the

small, quiet wedding, were Maurice Solovine and Conard Habicht.

After the wedding, there was a

meal to celebrate at a local restaurant. But no honeymoon. After the meal, the newlyweds returned

to their new home. It was a small flat, about 100 yards away from Bere's famous clock tower.

Upon returning home, a small incident occured, that was to occur many times throughout Einstern's

life; he had forgotten his key. A year later, in 1904 they had a child, Hans Albert. In that same

year, he recieved a job at the swiss patent office.

In 1905, three of Einstein's 4 famous papers; 'about a 'heuristical' perspective about the

creation and modulation of light, about the movement of in still liquids mixed objects supported by

the molecularkinetical theory of heat and about the electrodynamics of moving objects'. In autumn

of 1922 Einstein received the Nobel Prize for Physics, for his work on the...