Albert Einstein.

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Einstein's Early Life.

Albert Einstein was a great contributor to science, as we know it today. Without him, the world may have not been the same. Many people did not like Einstein because of the way he looked or acted. They thought of him as a freak, but their comments never seemed to affect Einstein's work.

In his life, he didn't start out famous or rich. He was just a common everyday guy. He was born on March 14,1879 in the city of Ulm, Germany. Shortly after, he moved to Munch, where his father ran a factory that manufactured electrical supplies (Freeman 104).

Albert was never happy in school. He did not like to memorize facts or rules. He was slow to speak and asked difficult questions. This made his teachers think that he was a troublemaker. The strict school rules made him even unhappier. Even thought he was unhappy, he was good at math, and english (Freeman 104).

However, he did learn what he was interested in. He was fascinated by how things worked. His inspiration came from the compass his Dad gave him. From about the time he was five, he had always wondered about the universe (Freeman 104).

When Einstein was 17, he entered the Polytechnic Institute, where he studied math and physics. Because, he would not go to lectures, he did not seem to impress his professors. Due to hours of constant studying, he graduated in 1900. Shortly after, he was offered a job as an Assistant in the Physics department, but decided to turn it down (Freeman 104).

He attends college, but drops out due to a rebellion. His family leaves in Germany, and he is left to fend for himself. He quickly goes to Switzerland M.I.T. there he falls in love with one of...