Albert Einstein: His Theories This Essay will tell of the theories that Albert Einstein had and came up with will he was alive.

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Albert Einstein and his theories

You may think you know everyone, but you may not. If you think your smart, think again. Albert Einstein was on eof the world's smartest mindes ever! Now, I think I'm pretty smart but when it comes to Einstein, he has more brains in his head than in two people combined.

I researched Albert Einstein because he seemed very interesting to me. I wanted to find out how Albert Einstein's intelligence helped develop nuclear weapons? I will answer this question throughout my essay.

Albert Einstein's first real friend came when he tried to save a baby stork; Max Talmey helped him. He was his friend for a very long time. He often had dinner with the Einstein's at their home.

When Albert Einstein moved to the United States, he wrote a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The letter told him about Germany developing a nuclear weapon; so, he urged the development of a nuclear weapon in the United States of America.

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany, on March 14, 1879. When Albert was an infant his family moved to Munich, Germany. While growing up in Munich, Germany, Albert thought that he didn't need school. His parents were non-observant Jews so they didn't say much.

His family owned a business and when if failed in 1894 his family moved to Milan, Italy. Also, in 1894 he gave up his German citizenship when he move to Italy.

In 1985, Albert Einstein dropped out of secondary school. After that he took an examination for a class that wuld lead to a diploma, he failed the test miserably. When he got to college he finiseh with a diploma as a secondary school teacher in mathematics and physics.

In 1905, Albert Einsein published 4 papers. His...