Albert Einstein: The man of the Century. Breif biography of Albert Einstein, then a sumarization of his main points of work. The Theory of Reletivity, General Theory of Reletivity,and the paradoxes.

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Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Wüttemberg, Germany to Herman and Pauline Einstein. He was a unique child even from birth, due to the unusual shape of his head. The cranium was so immense; doctors thought that Einstein was mentally handicapped. This belief was carried out through the first two years of his life because he was slow at learning how to talk.

Pauline was a heavily talented musician, whose love for music continued through Einstein. At the age of 5, Einstein learned how to play the violin along with the piano. Herman, Einstein's father, was a highly credible engineer, and connected with his son in the mathematical field. Often for fun, Einstein would be quizzed by his father with mathematical equations. This sparked Einstein to enjoy acquiring information at an early age and he often would read large mathematical text books to gather more knowledge on the subject.

Although he excelled at studies at home, he hated the school environment. Being the only Jew in his Catholic school, he was often made fun of. This hardly helped his already shy attitude. However, he still received high marks on his report card.

In 1894, Herman Einstein's business failed and his family was forced to move from Germany to Italy. Einstein stayed behind for a little over two years to finish schooling, but dropped out and moved with his family. There he attended the Institute of Technology in Zurich Switzerland in 1896, and successfully graduated with a degree in the year 1900. From there he set up a family with his new wife Mileva, and started work in a Patent office in Zurich Switzerland. While he worked in the Patent Office, he developed his own theories and papers that were later publish. These papers and theories almost immediately...