"The Alchemist's Door" VS "Seeds of Time"

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The two books, which are to be compared here, are not very similar. However, there are still a few similarities such as the fact that both novels are mystery novels as well as both novels depicts the protagonists in search of something that they desire to achieve, but by the end they rather give up that hope and look at more important issues surrounding each individual. The two novels are based in the same time period. One of them travels back and forth between the future and the past, where the past of Seeds of Time is based in the medieval time which in turn is similar to the time period depicted in the second novel, The Alchemist’s Door. Also the characters, in both novels contain some similarities that can be expressed and compared.

In both novels the main characters and their acquaintances experience magic. In Seeds of Time they experience the magic by touching letters engraved in the wall of the cave which sends them back in to the past, in the other novel The Alchemist’s Door the characters perform magic, because the main character and many other characters in the novel are alchemists or kabbalah.

The central characters from both novels face many tribulations; still many of those problems are quite similar. For example in Seeds of Time the main character has to deal with a disease which is spreading through the city very rapidly which is harming humans and causing death, all the while, in The Alchemist’s Door there is a demon for which the main character has to find a solution for before it harms him, his family and others around him. Both character found some one who they used to acquire information. In The Alchemist’s Door the main character Dr. Dee...