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Caitlyn O'Connor

Elm Hall 204

Reflection Paper

Personally I believe that there is no difference between honesty and telling the truth. Being honest and truthful come from the same factors and if I am telling the truth then I am being honest. To me, it's not possible to be truthful and not honest at the same time. I think I was honest and truthful through the situation but I know I didn't handle everything the way I should have. I know I should have been straight forward with the RA's from the very start but I was straight forward from the start during the meeting. It's frustrating for me to have to pay money for this course but I know I made a mistake and I shouldn't have been around others who were consuming alcohol. I really respect RA's because they are college students who have gone through all the same stuff I have so I know it's hard to write up other kids there age and I feel badly about giving them a hard time if they think that I did.

I understand the job of an RA and I respect everything they had to do, I really tried not to give them a hard time because I realize it's there job but I guess they felt differently. The dictionary defines integrity as, a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In my words I would define integrity as someones morals and values and what they do with them. I know who I am and I've developed my morals and values through out my entire life, I'm now 18 years old and know how to be myself. My morals may be very different from someone else's morals but learning right from wrong is something...