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Mitchell Hogan

Professor Kabaji

English 100

October 5, 2014


Charles King Gym

Charles King Gym is found off Marine Corp Drive on the US Naval Base in Guam. The once dominate building now begins to look hopeless as it is surrounded by fences and dirt. The US Navy is building a newer facility with better promises to those who wish for more accommodations. With construction underway, the driveway has been cut in half, making it hard for people to park their cars. The exterior of Charles King Gym may look more like a dirt construction site rather than a place where many people find their sanity; however, despite the rough look, Charles King Gym is still a fun place to gather and still is momentarily altering lives.

Getting to the front door can be challenging. Women and children crowd the front entrance with their running strollers, stretching and getting ready for Stroller Strides, an outdoor group fitness class offered by the gym.

Jen, the instructor, is handing out a sign-in sheet and continues to fuel the gathering of women for the upcoming workout routine. She is also handing out resistance bands to everyone and then suddenly shouts, "We will be leaving in five minutes!" to announce and pump everyone up for the departure. Because there are so many people in the front and blocking all entry ways, the mass of people entering and exiting are being forced to go around the women and children.

Once one steps inside, an elderly woman greets all guests who enter with a smile. She hands out towels, giving all that meet her, a feeling of welcome. On the left, the two double doors lead to the gymnasium where men are playing basketball and shouting at one...