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Talking about the alcohol we should know what actually alcohol is? Alcohol is an intoxicating ingredient mostly found in liquor, wine and beer. It is produced by fermentation of starches, sugars and yeast. This is a debate of should/should not lower the drinking age limit. The proposal does not have to debate that drinking alcohol is harmless, to win the debate the only need to show or encourage having lower age limits. Current age limits vary across the world from zero to 21 i.e. in United States of America the age limit is 21, in most of the states of Canada the age limit is 19, in the United Kingdom the age limit is 18 and in most of the European countries the age limit is 16 (Janet, 2000). At any age with a meal you can use alcohol. The opposition debates to increase or decrease the age limits ensures overall drinking among teenagers which is more sensitive policy.


As we know that everything has its pros and cons it is on us that how we treat it either positively or negatively.


When we come at the age of 18, we can vote , we can get married, we can sign contracts, we can vote, we can serve on juries, we can join the military i.e. includes the responsibilities of death and life and even we can prosecuted as adults so adults at the age of 18 can make decisions of life and death so why not in the consumptions of alcohol (Janet, 2000).

Lowering the age limits will be an important step to have a long term health benefits and in changing drinking habits.

Lowering the age of drinking will allow teenagers to drink alcohol with supervision in regulated environment because disallowing teens from drinking in...