Alcohol and College

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The drug culture of today includes the world's favourite drug; alcohol. For those who like to drink, and for those who love to drink, alcohol is quite possibly the most abused substance on planet Earth. (Edwards, 223) The purpose of this paper is to discuss some research and analysis of the connection between alcohol and college students and to ultimately give reason as to why more and more students are choosing to consume in a harmful manner. The focal points of my research are all external factors simply because the main means of alcohol promotion and regulation are due to the mass media and government. The only internal factor that remains is the choice of consumption from the individual after he or she has weighed out the factors they are exposed to; whether it be a "Happy Hour" promotion or a loved one whose an alcoholic, each decision to consume alcohol are internally made and perceived and subjective only to that individual.

Its nearly impossible to study each and every single person's perceptions on the subject of alcohol prevalence rates, however, numbers and statistics are always an accurate tool for study. Many of the articles chosen to use for research include survey results, marketing opinions, college binge drinking studies, psychology related magazines and of course programs to cure alcohol related problems; such Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and social norms programs made by colleges to reduce and stop binge drinking.


Fact, one in three eighteen to twenty-four year old persons admitted into emergency rooms for serious injuries are intoxicated. Fact, a twelve-ounce bottle of beer has the same amount of alcohol as a standard shot of eighty-proof liquor mixed or straight as well as a five ounce glass of wine. Fact, rates of binge...