Is Alcohol bad for you?

Essay by vontriceElementary School, 3rd grade November 2003

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Alcohol is one of the leading killers in society. I am in third grade and even i know that alcohol is bad for you. I choose not to use alcohol for several reasons. 1 because it makes your liver rot away. 2 because in the future you can have real bad health. 3 because it can kill you. Alochol is not cool at all. A lot of kids find themselves drinking alcohol because they see there friends drinking and just like there friends they want to fit in. People shouldn't want to do bad things to fit in, especially if they know its bad for there body and health. Other people drink because they think its cool if somebody see them drinking. They want attention but they try to get it in the wrong way. They should want to set a positive example for people younger then them and not a negative example like drinking beer and liqour. They are not doing nothing but slowly killig themselves phisically and mentally. Alcohol also interfeers with the brain so people who drink a lot get drunk and they don;t know how to control themselves. People should not drink and they should care more about themselves and not do anything to harm themselves.