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I felt that the speaker who came in and spoke to us about alcohol was very ineffective. He didn't clearly state what he wanted to inform the class about, and I felt that the information he gave to the class was very unpersuasive. I think that the presentation would have been much more effective if there was more concrete evidence and more interaction with the audience (class). The one interactive lesson he gave, during which he required the class to take a survey and present the results compared to what the statistics. It was interesting to see what the class thought of college students and their alcohol and drug use. I know, personally, that I thought the results to be much higher than what, in reality, they were.

Part of my negative outlook on the information the speaker was giving about was a result of the fact that it is proven that the most easily influenced age of an adolescent or young adult is when the individual is in fourth through sixth grade.

After these grades, the individual begins to take the knowledge and process it into their own beliefs. I think it is hard to speak to a group of college aged kids about alcohol and drugs when they have, more than likely, been exposed to these various substances for the last 5-6 years of their lives. As a young adult, at the age of 18, I have been through various "DARE" and Anti-Drug and Drinking lectures and information sessions. If I have remained strong, and not drank by now, than more than likely, I am not going to change my opinions now. I have been exposed to most of the theoretical and statistical information, and I have my understandings, opinions and morals set on drugs and...